What Are the Advantages of Digital Photography as Compared to the Earlier?

What Are the Advantages of Digital Photography as Compared to the Earlier

Photography is developing significantly over time. These days, we often use digital technologies instead of employing films as we used to in the past. 

So what are the advantages of digital photography as compared to the earlier?

Digital photography outweighs its competitor in several aspects. Lets find out what they are! Then, you can choose the best tool for your shots.  

What Are The Advantages Of Digital Photography As Compared To The Earlier? 

Digital photography is the practice of using a digital camera to take photos.

A digital camera captures your image on a tiny memory card or internal storage using a tiny computer chip that detects the scene. 

Digital photography allows you to use modern technologies when taking pictures. They are cheaper. They also offer more storage space and features than older solutions. 

Since film photography is one of the most used and oldest forms of photography, we will describe digital technology in comparison with film.  


Due to the advanced features, digital cameras are more experienced than film ones. However, photographers need more than just a camera. They have to consider memory space, editing, and other vital factors. 

Film photography may be costly because you must continuously get new film rolls. Processing the images also costs higher. 

The processing stage of film photographs can also be a problem. Photographers often take their photos to a shop, but this service usually charges a fee. It may take hours and even days to get the job done.  

Some photographers decide to process their photos at home to cut down on this unlimited cost. However, the equipment and chemicals are pricey. You also need a dark room in your house to do it. 

Meanwhile, the only expenses related to digital photography are the price of your digital camera and, possibly, the ink and paper if you plan to print your pictures at home. 

If you choose digital photography, you wont have to encounter those problems. 

Buying a printer is what you need to prepare for the process. Then, you can pick which photos to print and what size or shape they are. 

After considering all the cases, we can be certain that digital photography is more cost-effective in the long run. Although film cameras are much cheaper, you have to pay to process your pictures.

Storage Space

As a photographer, you need a camera that allows you to take numerous at a time. Unfortunately, the film rolls cant adapt to your requirement in this case. 

On the other hand, digital cameras have huge storage space. They employ memory cards to store thousands of photos.

Look for the card with more memory room so that you will be able to click repeatedly and save all the moments. 

Moreover, the memory cards enable you to transfer your photos to other devices. Hence, you can free up the storage space without losing your shots. 

Multiple Functions

Digital photography arrives with various features to boost the effect of your photos. You can try face detection, motion detection, or night vision to improve your picture quality. 

Photographers face difficulty when using film rolls due to tough conditions. Yet, since digital cameras offer an automatic and manual mode, you wont have to worry about it. For example, your night picture can look as good as the daytime one. 

Some beginners seem confused with the multiple functions. It takes time to become proficient with the controls. But when you do, you will have striking pictures.


Taking digital pictures gives you immediate satisfaction because you can watch what you have taken. The process is much faster than working with films. 

Moreover, your experience increases as you replace the films. You cant have multiple shots even when there are many exciting things to capture at a time. 

Besides, film photographers need to think about every shot. They must be exact in their execution because they cant waste their films. 

Digital photography is a more trigger-happy experience. Photographers can erase images to save space when their memory card is full. This feature deals well with more trial and error. 

Compact Size

Compared to film cameras, digital cameras are often more lightweight and portable. Because of technological advancements, smartphones and other gadgets now include tiny digital cameras, making them practically accessible to everyone.

Even tiny cameras have valuable features. They are even available in automobiles to simplify tasks like reversing.

Easy Editing

You can only alter traditional photos once when processing them. But there arent many things to do with the images taken. 

On the other hand, digital photos are easy to edit, and you can do it at any phase. Even the most straightforward editing on your smartphone helps you adjust many elements, such as contrast and brightness. 

Display Options

Taking film photos isnt bad, but film technology only lets you see your image after processing. Meanwhile, several ways to view your pictures taken in digital formats exist. 

For a more profound effect that a crowd can feel all at once, you could display them on a big-screen television, for example. Another innovative approach to showing digital photos is via digital photo frames.


Digital cameras calculate most of their settings automatically, simplifying the whole process. It means that beginners can take good pictures just by pointing the lens at the subject and clicking. There wont be any need to focus and adjust the camera settings. 

Quick Operation

The ability of digital cameras to snap multiple photos fast is an important feature that people often overlook. 

When using film cameras, the photographers have to wind the film between the shots. Although this process doesnt take a lot of time, it may make you miss a beautiful moment.

Digital Photography Vs. Film Photography: Comparison Table 

Digital photography is an excellent choice for those who want complete control over their images.

However, it doesnt mean that film photography fails to meet your expectations. 

The film can produce clearer, more detailed images than digital, and it has a broader range of natural colors.

Film photography has set a photographic gold standard. Nothing, even digital technology, can beat it.

An illustration of it is that film manufacturers like Fujifilm always try to replicate the gorgeous color stability of the film. 

Furthermore, film rolls perform a better job at capturing and storing pictures at higher resolutions. The number of photons on the surface of the film stock grows as the film stock size gets higher. 

However, film pictures fade over time. Meanwhile, digital formats allow your photographs to retain their quality. Feel free to save them anywhere for any length of time without sacrificing the original effect. 

This comparison table shows you the differences between the two photography styles. Check it carefully before deciding which is better for your shots. 

CriteriaDigital PhotographyFilm Photograph
CostCheaper in a long termCheaper in a short term 
Storage spaceMuch moreLimited 
FeaturesMore advanced features Lack of editing features 
Size SmallerBigger 
Display Viewable at any stageOnly viewable when processing 
Image quality LowerHigher 
Image longevity Long-lastingFading over time 


Digital photography features multiple functions, making your photographing experience more convenient, satisfying, and quicker. You can also adjust the settings until the image effect is ideal. 

Even when digital photography seems to outweigh film technology, the latter still shines regarding image quality. It depends on your preference to determine the winner. Thank you for reading!

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