About Us

I’m Darren Rowse, a photographer. I’ve spent most of my life with my digital camera and studio. 

Working for many years in the photography field, I have received many questions from people who do not understand the art of photography, amateur photographers, and even camera enthusiasts for many years. 

I receive questions about quite a few topics, from camera tips to basic, advanced photography techniques. In particular, quite a few beginners contact me to share the difficulties in choosing the right camera. 

I’ve heard quite a few stories about amateur photographers being dissatisfied with their first model of camera. Beginners also often complain to me about not being able to take advantage of all the features on the camera. 

And it was these troubles that prompted me to set up this blog. 

Our Mission

On the blog, I will share all my photography experiences. Things you might be interested in on this blog include photography techniques and tips for getting the most out of your camera’s features. 

My audience is particularly interested in beginners who own their cameras for the first time. Therefore, on the website, you can find my series of detailed tutorials on the basics of photography, such as the rule of thirds photography, still life photography, and composition in photography.

In addition to knowledge, I also share advanced techniques and more in-depth knowledge about the camera. 

I try to present the problematic knowledge above most simply. My biggest wish is that you can easily apply the above command to improve your skills.

In addition, an integral part of the site is reviews and guides so that readers can easily choose the right photography equipment.

Finally, I’m always happy to answer any of your photography-related questions. All you need to do is contact us. I am here to help you understand and love the world of photography. 

Our team 

  • Darren Rowse, Founder

He is a professional photographer, currently the owner of a famous studio in California. He has run some basic photography classes, helping photography enthusiasts further learn about the subject. 

  • James Braden, editor

He is a reporter, collaborating with many famous sports newspapers. But in addition to sports and writing, Jonathon is interested in photography. 

He has taken several short courses in photography and is an active member of the city’s photography club.